We provide a number of services to tailor the needs of each individual client. 

Lipinski and Associates LLC provides services to attorneys, insurance companies, self-insured entities, government agencies, hospitals, and private individuals.  Services are provided in the areas of vocational assessment, vocational planning, vocational counseling, job seeking skills training, labor market surveys, job placement, litigation preparation, medical cost projection, expert testimony, and Americans with Disabilities Act consultation.

Testing, Evaluation Reports, and Expert Testimony

To aid you in measuring the monetary value of a vocationally significant impairment arising from an injury.

Case Evaluation,    Case PrepAration,    and trial preparation

We work to enhance your understanding of how the information in medical records can impact your client's earning capacity by ordering a Medical Summary produced in layman's terms. This assists you in evaluating the merits of each case.

You can request a full vocational analysis to establish your client's pre-injury earning capacity and to calculate the post-injury earning capacity. This allows for a thorough understanding of the difference.

Qualified expert testimony will be given that provides a judge and/or jury with reliable guidelines for awarding damages based on standardized peer reviewed methodologies.